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TWIN CITIES Concrete Cutting Services

Twin Cities Concrete Cutting and Core Drilling is one of the fastest growing companies around Townsville and surrounding areas All our equipment is the latest technology. We are also venturing into blade and drill bit design and we are currently working on designing SILENT BLADES. With much designing and testing ahead we are hoping to have these rolled out towards the end of 2020 making all jobs much quieter.

Scott has over 20 years experience and can call on over 150 years of experience in the industry having worked all around Australia for several large companies.

We look forward to working with the great companies and businesses in Townsville, Ayr, Charter Towers or Ingham, and building a great working relationship.

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Concrete Sawing & Core Drilling

How can we help you?

We have experience helping customers across a wide range of industries.

Local builders always need concrete cutting services and we’ve done many, many residential and commercial properties over the last 20 years. Our team have also worked on larger Civil and Construction jobs.

If you are a local Plumber or Electrician, you can bash out of hole yourself or just call Scott and get the job done neatly and fast. Even if the end customer doesn’t see a rough job, many of our customers appreciate the time saving when the concrete guy shows up and does a clean cut.

 Latest Equipment

We have well maintained, modern tools to get the job done fast and professionally.

  • Core drilling up to 500mm diameter
  • Hand Sawing to a depth of 315mm
  • Floor Sawing up to 400mm depth

Demolition Hand Sawing

Concrete sawing

Core drilling

Electric Hand Sawing