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What we do

We offer a wide range of Concrete Cutting Services.

Concrete sawing

Twin Cities Concrete Cutting and Core Drilling has the experience to do very efficient concrete sawing job on your site.

From heavy duty Concrete Floor Sawing and removal of large sections, we can also cleanly cut neat Expansion joints.

We can guarantee the result is exactly what you need. And we can clean up the job afterwards, leaving your site clean so you can focus on the next task.

Our saws cut to 400mm deep asphalt and concrete – from residential driveways to highways and airport runways we cut it all.

We do expansion joints or we can cut the complete slab up for removal.

Core drilling

Jagged holes and blunt force are not a good method for creating holes in concrete. It can weaken the material around the hole and add time to your project. Our Trade and Commercial Customers recognise the benefits of efficient core drilling.

No matter what your needs are, even if they smaller jobs like drilling a core in your concrete home slab for pipes, or large scale, such as drilling cores in the foundation of a Civil building project, we can take care of your coring needs.

We can drill up to 1000 mm in diameter and with new technology coming out it’s possible to do up to 5000 millimetres in diameter and even more.

We use personally designed drill bits for maximum speed and efficiency to get the job done as quickly as possible. The faster we get the job done, the less down-time our clients have that is important to us.

Asphalt sawing

Asphalt sawing requires a specialised diamond blade with a hard bond to cut through the softer material. At Twin Cities Concrete Cutting and Core Drilling, we understand the right type of blade and tool to do each job in an efficient manner.

Expansion Joints

Generally, expansion joints are 3 or 4 mm wide however they can be cut  up to 20 mm wide.

For example, we have a lot of experience in cutting in traffic light Loops, having worked with Downer and Road Tech.

Wall & FLOOR chasing

If you’re an Electrician who needs to run cables or a plumber with pipes for civil jobs, we can also handle Wall Sawing and Wall Chasing and Floor Chasing.

We have an eye for detail and can use a Hand Saw to get the precise cuts you need.

We discuss with you the pipe or conduit you wish to run and cut to your desired depth and width.

Wall Sawing

From brick walls to formed concrete walls or Precast panels we cut it all from standard doorways to a doorway you can drive a truck through upsizing a window or removing the whole wall.

We can cut the opening you need for your project.

Demolition hand sawing

With our hand saw ring saw combination we can cut to 315mm Deep whether it be walls, floors concrete slabs, pipes or pillars our specialist concrete cutters will get the job done.

Twin Cities Service Car

Need the job done right?
Expert help only a phone call away.